Total Wellness At The J

Everyone belongs, and some people join: The Tucson J proudly served as the town square of the Southern Arizona Jewish community, and a premier destination for thousands of Tucsonans of all ages and identities. Whether seeking our award-winning fitness and childcare programs, arts and culture events, or simply a new friend or connection, our community members come to the J with a shared goal: to be well. When individuals thrive, communities thrive–so, the Tucson J has made it its mission to cultivate and enrich Jewish identity, ensure Jewish continuity, foster wellness, and broaden communal harmony. As a distinguished thought leader and veteran of the JCC movement with more than 36 years of experience, Tucson J President+ CEO, Todd Rockoff, knows achieving that mission begins with the culture he cultivates within the workplace and the role the organization takes in its local and global community as a connector, convener, facilitator, and innovator. Listen in as Todd explores the intersections of the wellness industry, non-profit sector, good business practices, community building, and leadership with the best of experts and thinkers from Tucson and beyond.