About Our Shows:

Mark Bishop Media is a Tra-digital communications platform whose primary goal is to support and help all-size businesses, entrepreneurs, and dreamers across the Americas. Included within the Agency services are our live-streamed and recorded podcasts. The shows are diverse in nature and are hosted by genuine, down-to-earth souls who, in their own way, love to help others. For our local listeners, the’Tucson Business Channel’ features guests who ‘talk the talk’ and ‘do the walk’!

Jamie Overturf, a three-year veteran with us, has a high-spirited bubbly show called ‘Connecting Tucson with Jaime’. She supports her new and seasoned clients to share their personal stories so that others may learn to emulate their successes. Jamie has expanded her business three-fold since her inception to MBM and moved the needle even further during the pandemic.

Matt Nelson, a former Army Veteran, does a great job as a show host with his ‘Culture @ Work’ series. Matt goes in-depth to what makes his client business base tick and why culture within a work environment can relate to many of the disciplinary actions he learned as a staff sergeant within the Army. Now a senior Vice President with a successful home gown insurance firm, Matt relishes interviewing his guests in an easy and dignified manner to listen to.

Our shows are engaging, informative, sometimes funny, and sometimes even silly that cater to many hungry intentional listeners on Apple, Google, Spotify, and many more podcast platforms encouraging listeners across the globe.

These are just two of the successful digital communications shows that not only spread the success and enjoyment of their guests but enjoy for themselves the positive public response, personal enjoyment they receive for their effort.

A potent tool in our Tra-digital, MBM toolbox. What about you?