NLGB E21: Jotham Stein; Author of Negotiate Like a CEO

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Mark talks with Jotham S. Stein, the author of “Executive Employment Law: Protecting Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Employees,” a how-to guide for practitioners about his new book, “Negotiate Like a CEO,” a book that specializes in helping executives and entrepreneurs protect themselves in the corporate world. A fascinating enjoyable read, not just for executives but for everyone in the corporate world!





About Jotham S. Stein

“It is imperative to protect yourself in business and employment,” says Stein. “It’s essential to understand the dynamics at play in any work situation and how best to use them to protect yourself, your family, and your friends.”

He is the principal of the Law Offices of Jotham S. Stein P.C. He has more than two decades of experience representing entrepreneurs and C-Suite executives, board members, venture capitalists, private equity principals, and investment bankers as well as less senior employees of all size companies.

 Stein is a graduate of Stanford Law School and Princeton University. He is admitted to practice in California, Illinois, New York, Colorado, and the District of Columbia as well as the United States Supreme Court, and several United States Courts of Appeals and United States District Courts. He is also a member of multiple bar associations, including the American Bar Association.

Stein is the author of Executive Employment Law: Protecting Executives, Entrepreneurs and Employees,” a how-to guide for practitioners.

 Stein’s new book, Negotiate Like a CEO, is an enthralling look at how top entrepreneurs and executives protect themselves and how you can too. You can find out more about Jotham Stein at

You can purchase the book through the following: search “Negotiate Like a CEO”
Google “Negotiate Like a CEO” (which will bring up links to buy the book)

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