TMB E21: Daryl F. Mallett, Independent Films in Tucson

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Daryl F. Mallett, Partner at Caribou Moving Pictures / Chair of the Arizona Film Expo 
Caribou Moving Pictures / Arizona Film Expo 
6008 S. Sweet Birch LaneCity: TucsonState: AZZip: 85747 
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Daryl Mallett is the Chairman of the Arizona Film Expo, an award-winning actor, producer, writer and a partner at Caribou Moving Pictures LLC.  Daryl is a Christian and father of three beautiful children.  During this podcast, Daryl and Mark talked about the Independent Film Industry here in Tucson and the financial ramifications of that but before we do, your own career as an actor in both film and Stage has been quite diverseCarmady’s People: The Case of the Reluctant Major (1986), “Star Trek: The Next Generation” (1987- 94),  Then some Star Trek’s (Star Trek VI): The Undiscovered Country (1991), “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” (1993-99).

Daryl was the Producer on short film Retrocausality (2019), Assistant to the Producers on The Message (2004) and Associate Producer on Illusion (2005) and currently serving as writer and producer on a dramatic TV series in development called “Falcon Field”, based on his history book of the same name, in development. 

Daryl has won a few awards, including an award-winning stage actor appearing in over a dozen productions, including “Pirates of Penzance” for the Carson Civic Light Opera and won a Drama-Logue Award and an Ebenezer Award for his performance in “A Christmas Carol” (1991).) 

As an author, Daryl has published 19 books, has edited over 50 books and has a few more coming in the next two years.
 He also heads up something very important for the State of Arizona and it’s happening right here in Tucson. 

While actors and crew in Hollywood can be picky and choosy about their shooting locations, actors and crew in Arizona tend to view the entire state as local. Also, since attracting financing from outside the state, many here are willing to travel throughout the state to work on projects and assist each other. Although this is awesome and admirable, there exists a great need for better, centralized communication within the state film industry so we can know what is happening throughout Arizona.

The Arizona Film Expo will be a business exposition and conference for Arizona filmmakers, actors, directors, producers, writers, and crew members to:  

  • Network: Get together with the greatest number of Arizona (and external) film industry professionals at once; 
  • Disseminate and Gather Information: Find out and tell what is being worked on throughout our state and who/what resources are available here; 
  • Build: Enlist support and financing from colleagues, businesses and other people in the greater Arizona community; 
  • Educate: Workshops, how-tos, panels, and programming; 
  • Show Off: Show the greater Arizona community, Hollywood and the rest of the country that we’re still here and we’re still a place to come and make movies; 
  • Buy/Sell: Part of the expo includes tables and booths for vendors. We will also have agents, managers and distributors in attendance, have pitch sessions and more. 

The event will consist of trade show floor and display tables for vendors and industry professionals; cities and towns; tourist attractions; supporting industries; chambers of commerce; economic development officials and more. 

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