TMB E42: Cathy, Kamya, Sara, KASACA Marketing Solutions

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KASACA Marketing Solutions,

Cathy Clemans, Kamya Newcomb, Sara Ellington  17755 E Marsh Station Rd  Vail, AZ 85641 520-329-3446 

Cathy Clemans

KASACA Marketing Solutions is a family business and were Born and raised in Indiana, the family moved to Arizona in 1986.   Cathy, the mother of Kyanna and Sara is a long-time medical lab technician.  Cathy later branched out to become a Designated Broker for a local Real Estate office for the last 19 years. Interestingly, as both daughters followed in mom’s footsteps, Sara, the eldest of the two siblings welcomed Kayama, who followed in mom’s footsteps to become a successful Real Estate Agent in Southern Arizona and is now in the process of obtaining her Brokers Licenses as well.   All three ladies, along with “dad”, Douglas Clemans, have dedicated their lives to helping others, in one capacity or anotherKasaca Marketing Solutions was founded on those same principles, to help other business success.
Kamya Newcomb, Marketing Manager Kamya was born and raised in a small town just north of Indianapolis, Indiana. She and her family moved to Tucson AZ in 1986. You graduated from Mountain View High School and later went on to a Learning institute earning an Accounting and Bookkeeping certificate.       Kamya has been in Marketing and Advertising at the young age of 16 when she was commissioned to complete a logo and advertising material for a Steel Manufacturing company in Tucson. Then later in 2001 she became a licensed Real Estate Agent and found her love for Marketing was useful when building ad campaigns, marketing brochures, and later a social media presence.  Today Kamya is the co-founder of Kasaca Marketing Solutions, which is an online review and SEO company based out of Tucson AZ.
Sara L Ellington        Sarah, who works part-time in Kasaca Marketing Solutions, was born in Indiana also and moved to Arizona in 1986.  Became a mother in 1992 (Ashley), 1994 (Robert), and 1999 (Kayla). Married to Mark Ellington is your hubby and you have worked in the medical field for over 25 years in laboratory as a phlebotomist. Sarah enjoys camping with family, going off-roading in Jeep, taking in the sights of nature, and is currently learning how to make Mead for holiday celebrations.  She also enjoys watching her grandchildren grow and learn.

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