TMB E52: Kim Medelberg, & Janice Jarrett

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Medelberg’s Travel Services 1901 N Columbus Blvd Tucson, AZ 85712 520-425-5914 SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter | I grew up in Woodstock, IL.  My grandfather wanted to track down his gypsy ancestor.  So we were going to go after I graduated.  Unfortunately, that did not happen he passed away 6 months before.  I planned to still go.  Until my mother talked me into going to travel school.  Trust me the number of times that I have been to Europe would not equal the 6 months I was planning. From Woodstock, I moved to Chicago, Wisconsin, then Buckeye, and now Tucson.  When we moved to Buckeye I decided to rent so that I could see where I wanted to be.  We came down to Tucson in October for Parents weekend at the college and I was in love.  It took 2 years to convince my son that I wanted to live here and for him to let me. Little did I know 5 years ago that I would end up in what I consider one of the most beautiful cities and call it home.  I am constantly amazed at the depth of the colors at sunrise and sunset here in Tucson. About my business:  My business model is that everyone deserves a customized vacation just like I give to him. If you dream it should it not be attainable? We will find a way to make it happen for you.  This led me to Coastline Travel a Virtuoso travel agency. Virtuoso opens the door to people that can help to make your dream come true!   I create memories!  In the end, we all want memories! Memories of what we have done, time spent with people.  Memories!  I believe that you have to plan for the memories before it is too late.  Everyone needs to be more intentional with the time they have and their travel.  You need to take that bucket list out of the bottom drawer and put it on the calendar.  When planning your time, look at who will be there with you.  What are their interests?  Create memories for them also.  With 39 years in the travel industry, I have done just about every kind of travel there is.  My last position was the personal travel advisor to the CEO of a Fortune 500 company.  I curated not only his, the top executive but his family’s travel.  Before he retired, he asked me to continue working with him and his family, launching Medelberg’s Travel Services.  My specialty utilizes my executive travel background is creating one of a kind travel experiences for my clients. 
Janice Jarrett, Owner/Teacher/Musician  Vocal Technique Studio P.O. Box 66052 1700 E River Rd Tucson, AZ  85728 520-888-2690 and SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook || Facebook  LinkedIn | Twitter | Janice Jarrett has run her Vocal Technique Studio in Tucson, AZ for over 15 years. She teaches the “open throat” or “relaxed” singing technique, beneficial for all genres. A former professor, I am also an experienced published writer and speaker on the arts, including many years as a Roads Scholar with the Arizona Humanities AZ Speaks program giving a series of talks on music throughout the state. When possible, I perform with many of Tucson’s best jazz musicians, mixing Jazz, Brazilian and Latin music with the Great American Songbook and her own collaborations with noted jazz composers.   In fact, my new Web site with a digital music publishing store of lead sheets and arrangements will debut in early 2021

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