TMB E63: John Smalley – Pest Friends

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About John Smalley
Pest Friends Mobile Number: 314.640.0892 
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  • Born and raised in STL, MO 
  • College @ Southeast Missouri State University and University of Amsterdam  
  • Worked in Corporate America for 15+ years, mainly in Healthcare and Workforce management,  
  • Realized that ownership and starting businesses was what I wanted to do. Went full time into serial entrepreneurship. 
  • Currently own 7 companies with the plan to have 15 by 2026.  
  • Top business priority is to create jobs and commerce in and for Tucson and Arizona.  
  • Currently the managing partner for Pest Friends and Flock Off. Goal is to modernize the pest control industry through innovation, technology, data, and data aggregation.   
  • Pest Friends was Founded by four friends (Scott Nolen, Wyatt Chambers, Daryl Ross, and John Smalley). 

We have 35+ years of experience in pest control, 75+ years in management and leadership, and have created and developed over 20 companies between the four members.)  

(All four believe that by combining our strengths in Pest Control, Innovation, Leadership, Workforce Development, Marketing, and Technology, Pest Friends will fundamentally change and improve the way consumers receive proactive, high-tech, eco-friendly pest control going forward. Why not…?) Website URL: www.mypestfriends.comFacebook: 

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