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About Gayle Petrillo

Gayle Petrillo, MBA, has coached individuals, and consulted with large and small companies for more than 25 years. She has held leadership positions in for-profit and non-profit organizations. Gayle’s expertise includes operations, human resources, finance, strategic planning, customer relations and business development. 

Additionally, she has worked in healthcare; financial services; television; and retail, selling men’s and women’s designer clothing, and accessories. ​​​

Our services are uniquely different. With Gayle’s background in human resources, she has seen the good, bad and ugly in resumes and interview presentation skills. Additionally, her awareness of the acute need for customer service training in every sector serves as the foundation for her passion for training imperative skill-sets, drawing on Disney principles which can be applied across the business spectrum.

Gayle’s approach to dressing for success stems her own personal experience. As a petite woman working in a tailored environment for many years, she learned the importance of owning the right attire providing confidence in business and casual situations. She has been coaching colleagues for many years on dressing for personal comfort, self-assurance and assertiveness.

Her passion behind First Impressions stems from being petite and having difficulty finding clothing to ‘dress the part’, being seen and being heard. She was fortunate enough to have had great mentors who shared their  expertise, time and tips to help her succeed and be the best she could be. 

Today, Gayle works with others to ensure they fulfill their dreams and reach their full potential by making every First Impression count. 

First Impressions is an image consulting and career coaching firm.
Take your image to the next level. 

First impressions ensures individuals, small companies and large organizations present their best first impression.

We help our clients gain confidence to land their dream job, be successful entrepreneurs, and assist corporations in attracting and retaining customers and employees focusing on team building and customer service training.

We create resumes that stand out from your competition.

We provide mock interview scenarios to boost your confidence.

We transform your wardrobe to ensure you make your best 1st impression no matter where you are headed.

Land Your Dream Job 

We work with individuals to present your best written image on resumes and cover letters and coach you on your presentation skills, including body language, through mock interviews.

Together we will transform your wardrobe and transition clothing you love but don’t know what to wear it with, as appropriate for business and casual settings.

We strengthen your presentation skills  
(eye contact, body language, active listening).

We teach business etiquette to avoid faux pas in all circumstances.

We coach our clients looking to transition their career - 1st job, middle management, C-suite leadership role.

About Ashley Hughes

Ashley Hughes was born and raised in Tucson and after high school joined the workforce.

I was able to get my associates at Pima while working.  I spent half of my career in corporate America, and the other half working for local nonprofits until I started my own nonprofit in 2020.

Our Mission is to create awareness and care for women who have been widowed by death or abandonment by providing immediate assistance, building community around them, offering ongoing support and extending the model of care to others who have experienced loss.

This was dream in the making for the last 15 years, since I was widowed in 2005. My dream is to help those who have experienced deep loss to connect, mourn, dream and live! Through personal life tragedies I have seen how there can be joy in the mourning and how healing can come from helping others 




About Kathleen Pickrel

From an early age, Kathleen knew that she wanted to work with people, to help them on the path to creating the life that they want.

She became interested in understanding the process by which some people seem to be able to create the life they want, while others are unable to do so.

On a personal level, she explored how she was able to survive, thrive and grow despite life threatening illness at birth, emotional trauma, and extreme, debilitating shyness while some family members and friends, could not seem to overcome personal obstacles in the same way.

Choose Congruency was born out of learning answers to this question. It became clear through research, working with hundreds of people, and personal experience that those who are successful in achieving their goals do not possess some magical power that is only available to a few special people, but rather, there are real, actionable, “doable” steps to take in achieving our goals — both personally and professionally. However, it is often difficult to see, much less take those necessary steps on our own. This is where Choose Congruency can help. We are able to work with you or your business to help clarify goals and create a path to successfully achieving those goals. 

For over 14 years, Kathleen Pickrel has worked with people both on an individual level and within a corporate structure, providing support, helping to clarify goals and establishing a framework to ultimately achieve those goals.

With her company, Choose Congruency, she works with individuals who want a crystal-clear vision and businesses that want great employees. This involves helping people and businesses become clear on where they are, where they would like to be, and the steps to help bridge the gap between those two. Kathleen has a Master’s Degree in Social Work and is a Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW). 




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