TMB E69: Singleton Foundation; Free financial skills to better manage lives and businesses

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Three members of the steering committee share their knowledge, career experience and hopes for the Singleton Foundation commitment to the Tucson community. The non-profit will help give everyone who wants it free financial skills to better manage their lives and businesses.

About Carolyn Roberts Gorst 

A Tucson Native, Carolyn Roberts Gorst is a proud alumna of the University of AZ, where she studied Elementary Education, Fine Art and Humanities.

Throughout her career Carolyn has had a passion for helping other.

As a former middle school teacher, Carolyn understands the importance of learning and discovery at every age. Her career path has taken her from the classroom to the corporate world, allowing her to work in both the public and private business sectors.

Prior to coming to Junior Achievement, Carolyn spent 12+ years developing and directing life enrichment programs for seniors.

Carolyn then took the leap from senior program development to youth educational enrichment with Junior Achievement of Arizona, where she has been working with schools, teachers, and community partners in Southern AZ, to ensure that all students have the financial tools to take charge of their futures and create long-term economic security for themselves and their families.

During her time off, you can find Carolyn enjoying the Tucson music scene, painting, and exploring the outdoors with her three dogs and husband, who come along for the ride.

About Ana Greif 

Ana has been a contributor to international organizations such as the Organization of American States (OAS) and the World Bank and has done work for the International Business Innovation Association (Imia), US Department of State, US Aid, the Inter-American Development Bank, and The United Nations.

Ana holds a master’s degree in Public Policy and Management from Carnegie Mellon University, a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Arizona and is a Doctoral Candidate at Johns Hopkins University with a specialization in Entrepreneurial Leadership in Education.

For over 25 years, Ana has been an advocate for economic development initiatives that empower individuals to reach their potential. Welcome Ana … Response: …

Her passion for education led her to her current role as CEO of JobPath, a non-profit that provides financial and socioemotional support to adults pursuing short-term training in high demand industries. She leads a talented team of coaches and staff supporting nearly 700 students in industrial trades, information technology, and healthcare career pathways.

Ana has had an exceptionally busy career with your past work founding and leading Varela Consulting, which assisted governments, universities, public and private institutions around the world, in developing programs and policies to support entrepreneurship with your firm specializing in economic development, entrepreneurship, innovation, internationalization, and technology commercialization. 

About Howard Stewart 

Howard Stewart is President/CEO of AGM, a Tucson manufacturing company with 120 employees. AGM manufactures environmental protection hardware for containers and missiles, as well as the world’s premier wheelchair lift under the brand name “Ascension”.

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