BZB Entertainment Forum E5 – Actor: Fermin Ponce Castillo

Ben & Zach talk with the lead actor of their movie “In Terror”, Fermin Ponce. Fermin also stared in the movie 8000 FT UP; now on Amazon.

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Ben & Zach talk with the lead actor of their movie “In Terror”, Fermin Ponce. Fermin also stared in the movie 8000 FT UP; now on Amazon.

ABOUT: Fermin Ponce Castillo

I am 35 years old, Los Angeles native male actor currently living in Tucson, Arizona striving for a chance to show people my acting skills by acting in various local Tucson film projects. My idea is to write and make movies as professional as possible within my limitations.

I have been Acting in various small film projects and minor theatre since about five years ago. I have lived on and off from Los Angeles to Tucson, Arizona practicing my acting skills by doing background work in Los Angeles and some principal roles suck as in the film “8000 Ft Up” and most recently “In Terror”.

I have been working at Old Tucson Studios for nine months now. I’m currently writing, and I have been writing my first ever full feature film for almost a year and a half. I cant wait to finalize and start shooting, acting and finally making this film.

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Phone Number: (213) 668-1193

Meet the Hosts:

About ~ Ben Freese 

Ben Freese, a writer, director, actor and editor in the movie industry is the host of this exploratory emporium of ideas and insights into the local scene here in Tucson. Ben, with his trusty co-host Zach Rhein (himself a local producer, filmmaker and writer), sets out to make movies fun and entertaining while pushing what the local community has got going on. With his upcoming directorial debut feature film, “In Terror” releasing in 2023, Ben has his plate full with new upcoming projects as well, like his short horror film “Witchery”. Ben loves to chat it up with his guests every month and hit it off with his buddy Zach the only way they know how: Talking about the movies!  

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About Zach Rhein:

Zachary or Zach for most people is originally from Spokane, Washington and developed a love of the arts at an early age. One of my earliest experiences making movies was helping on a music video a friend.  

I then moved down to Tucson, AZ where I continued my love of the arts and joined the theater department. While I didn’t pursue acting I rediscovered my love of filmmaking and am ready to become the local mogul. 

While I may not have decades of experience handling a full fledge business, I make up for it in my drive and determination and am willing to learn from the school of hard knocks. 

My current business is In Flight Productions, a local film production company ready to make high quality movies of all genres that give people a chance to see themselves in the movie. 

Contact number: (520) 975-0847 



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