CC E6: Darcy Dunker; Exploring strengths-based coaching and how this approach can help you to succeed in business and in life!

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In this month’s episode of the Choose Congruency Podcast, Kathleen talks with strengths-based coach, Darcy Dunker. They will explore what is strengths-based coaching and how the strengths-based approach can help us to succeed in our professional endeavors.

About Darcy Dunker:

Darcy was a radio news producer and on-air personality for 6 years (she loved this job!) She also spent time in small business management (not for her) as well as marketing and sales for a tech company.

She then went on to become a math teacher, which she did for 18 years, finding that it fit SOME of her values but was missing some as well.

She ultimately found her true calling is helping people to uncover their strengths and focus on what is strong within them, which led her into strengths-based coaching.

Her two areas of expertise are ︎Leaders & ︎Career Changers/Advancers, including the following:

︎Career Changers- you know you want something different but you need clarity and a strategic path to get you there.
︎Career Advancers- you want to stay at your current company but you want to level up quickly.
︎Leaders in Companies Worldwide- You want to confidently and easily make decisions, guide your teams, have difficult conversations, and have fun in your role (YES! It’s possible).

Darcy is often described as a “breath of fresh air”. You and she will be a GREAT team if you are looking for a professional who will get you results, boost your confidence, and you want to laugh a lot along the way.

She uses data-driven assessments, powerful STRENGTHS coaching and habit hacking, to quickly move past what is holding you back so you can achieve your goals.

Together you will uncover your STRENGTHS, stories, patterns, habits, and behaviors, through laser-focused coaching sessions to expedite results. Even better- you will laugh a lot while getting you there.

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About the Host

From an early age, Kathleen knew that she wanted to work with people, to help them on the path to creating the life that they want. 

She became interested in understanding the process by which some people seem to be able to create the life they want, while others are unable to do so. 

On a personal level, she explored how she was able to survive, thrive and grow despite life threatening illness at birth, emotional trauma, and extreme, debilitating shyness while some family members and friends, could not seem to overcome personal obstacles in the same way. 




Choose Congruency was born out of learning answers to this question. It became clear through research, working with hundreds of people, and personal experience that those who are successful in achieving their goals do not possess some magical power that is only available to a few special people, but rather, there are real, actionable, “doable” steps to take in achieving our goals — both personally and professionally. However, it is often difficult to see, much less take those necessary steps on our own. This is where Choose Congruency can help. We are able to work with you or your business to help clarify goals and create a path to successfully achieving those goals. 

For over 14 years, Kathleen Pickrel has worked with people both on an individual level and within a corporate structure, providing support, helping to clarify goals and establishing a framework to ultimately achieve those goals. 

With her company, Choose Congruency, she works with individuals who want a crystal-clear vision and businesses that want great employees. This involves helping people and businesses become clear on where they are, where they would like to be, and the steps to help bridge the gap between those two. Kathleen has a Master’s Degree in Social Work and is a Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW). 


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