CTWJ E25: Camino Verde Pet Resort, Dog Boarding & Grooming

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Camino Verde Pet Resort is your place for dog boarding as well as grooming.  

Daniel Mueller the owner of Camino Verde Pet Resort and CEO of Zauberberg K9 Academy Camino Verde Pet Resort  6030 S. Camino Verde Tucson AZ 85757  Link – https://cvpetresort.com/ – Zauberberg K9 Academy Link- https://zauberberg.com/ The owners are certified dog trainers that breed German Shepherds and Rottweilers for more than 20 years.   This Dog and Boarding Facility has been in existence at this well-established location for over 30 years, founded by Linda Mueller being a certified Vet Technician.   Their team is among the best specialists available.  Their goal is always to deliver the highest quality of services that make you come back to Camino Verde Pet Resort only.
My name is Daniel Mueller, I am 24 years old and own and operate a pet boarding and grooming facility on the SW side of Tucson. The name is Camino Verde Pet Resort.  The facility was built by my parents about 30 years ago.  My mother was a Certified Vet Tech at Ajo Veterinary clinic at the time and discovered that there was a need for boarding pets and grooming dogs. The clinic also seemed to be an excellent place to market the business.  After building a 20-kennel indoor-outdoor facility, the business was doing so well that a duplicate of the first building was added just two years later. My parents also were into breeding German Shepherds (imported from Germany) and were both training and competing.  I grew up around the business and pets all my life, as my parents had the freedom to take me to work every single day. I loved animals. My parents bought me a dog that matched my size when I was four years old. A Jack Russel Terrier named Max. I had him for 10 years. My dad helped me train him, as I was very interested in that aspect of having a dog. They added a cat, named Benty May when I was six. She was a regular border that I already knew, and the owners had to give her up when they had to move.   Fast forward, once I graduated from high school, my parents gave me the freedom of choice to go to college or to be more actively involved in the business. Which I decided to do without hesitation. Ever since I have been working in our family business. In 2016, it was signed over to me.  I am proud to be the owner of a 40-kennel boarding facility, with a luxurious cat facility attached.  Given my long history with it. I am very confident to provide the best available services by making very effective decisions to improve the facility and services.    

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