CTWJ E31: Doughty Overturf : founder and organizer of the Oro Valley Neighborhood Group

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A successful night at ZPizza Taproom when the Oro Valley Neighborhood got together for a large turn up for the get-together evening with the background music of Cory Spector.

Rob Curcio Owner of ZPizza Taproom gave 10% of the evenings proceeds to the Oro valley Animal Shelter a greatly appreciated gesture. Jaime Overturf conducted her “Connecting Tucson with Jaime” Podcast live from the event.

The Oro Valley Neighborhood Valley event was held at the Oro Valley  ZPizza Taproom where Rob Curcio – Owner of  the ZPizza Taproom was kind enough to give ten percent of the evenings takings to the Oro Valley Animal Shelter.

Nice job Rob!

The background music was provided by Corey Spector, arguably the most popular musician in town. www.coreyspector.com 

Corey’s music background was perfect for the guests as they mingled and enjoyed a fun night of communication drinks and of course, Pizza.

Guests on Jaime’s show included - 

The Oro Valley Police Chief Kara Riley OVPD Integrity – Fairness – Excellence

Michele Smith from PRP Wine International www.prpwine.com

Shay Larsen – Owner of Carrera Air-conditioning & Heating Tucson  www.carreratucson.com; and of course…

Doughty Overturf founder and organizer of the Oro valley Neighborhood Group. 

A lot of fun was held by all and if you would like to talk to Doughty about having an event such as this at a venue near you, here is her contact information.

Oro Valley Neighborhood Group LINK : https://www.facebook.com/groups/216606253771321/?ref=share 


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